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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Cascade of Conversations.

It is a convenience to not have to type a datestamp, so I waste a line on it.

The conversation I had with Mr. Malik was hurried; if its depth were to be mapped by sonar, it would be very irregular. The air time was pretty evenly divided, I think, although I know my egotistical thought process gives me way more credit than I'm due for. Still, no, wait, not still, I also committed a grave error of leaving out a person from my life history, despite saying in the same conversation, at a different point of time, words to the effect that a nurtured grievance tends to intensify negatively over time. I hope I have not slipped up too badly. Mahak pressed the red button when I called right now.

With Mum, I knew in my heart she knew I was going to be serious about Mahak. Hence, at an opportunistic moment was exploited to full advantage, meaning no negativity whatsoever, and Mum accepted the news with good humor; I think her apprehensions are going to wait till December.

Now, I have two things to do, and I'm uncomfortable doing both: call Mahak's Dad and apologize and take another appointment, or explain over the phone if he prefers it, though I'll hope for a face-to-face meeting, for improving my track record. Second, call Mum and remind/ask her to send over my horoscope and stuff. I'm not too worried about our horoscopes and all, I'm sure our parents will come up with the necessary rituals to overcome heavenly obstacles; it's the mortals that have me "shaking in my boots". The Only knows what I mean.

I mean well. (See? Again, I need to project myself as the most well-meaning human of all time. AND I feel compelled to write THIS down as well, to show off how "open" and "honest" I am! Aaaarrgh!)
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