Friday, October 19, 2012

Metro time utilization dump

Walking is good, as has been observed before by numerous persons.

Season. Cliche. Trope. Episode. These shall be the names of my - my - movies.

In an attempt to live a simpler life, not constrained by Kramer-idonculous technology, I shall cognize the passage of time by remembering events. One coming up on 22 October.

Mandarin, berry, lemon.

Entre 101-1 - I can plan according to what I want to do more than what I have to do on someone else's bidding/profit.

A shoutout to MITM's theme - life is unfair.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FB de-addiction

Coming to office is an automatic Facebook de-addictor [I love making up words] for me. I shall continue to use it as the replacement it has become of conventional communication methods. vella am I...I wish I was paid-up-to-date, would be loving life even more than I am now. It's cool that even this vella-ness has been enforced upon me; I was willing to make actual efforts! :D


So this is all I have to do? Sit around? A-o-kay, but at least clear my dues...then I won't mind sitting around. Anyhow, on to Intenet-proferred avenues of tp...

The 'Sit!' came from feeling like a mutt being ordered to do just that - sit. Ridiculous ways of functioning. And even today, till now, no appearance. WHAT IS THE PLAN, YO?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cellphone dump

Random things do happen in 'real' life. Message memory full. 42! 6-hourism!

Weather plays an important role in mood.

I have happy memories of refereeing the final in my fourth year in college.

Marge Simpson says, it takes a lot of courage to write something anon. Haha, says Nelson. I concur. :D

हर दिन ६ घंटों के ४ भाग में विभाजित होता है . शुभचिंतकों को इस बात के अनुसार सोचना चाहिए. Har din 6 ghanton ke 4 bhaag me katta hai. shubhchintakon ko is baat ke anusaar sochnaa chahiye.

Archer is brain-damn-awesome. [I could easily be a TV/media critic. :D]

With regard to time, I am dealt the cards I am dealt. 6-hourism is my honed-experience response to this scenario. The ultimate aim - if I live long enough - is Hollywood. :D Said with a complete straight face.

I don't want to sit in this ignominy. This is another reason for my superstardom ambitions. I love making up words.

The subtitles for Yes Minister are also not verbatim. [Critique :D]

There shall be bloopers aplenty! [Also, for VVFC: Bring your balls.]

This TAAHM, Charlie's Blackout Chili, has an awesome open..haha.

Glass & Stone.

This conversation is awesome - Charlie Harper with shrink, about feelings and an early grave.

Dorky teenager with Side Show Mel serving taco to Krusty says, if I had a girlfriend, she'd kill me! Haha...true that. Also, J Lithgow in TRFTS extols truly that hindsight is twenty I need an abbreviation for Haha, true that?

Nelson - Haw haw, you can't change the past! htt

Everything is inching forwards.

August - 2, 10, 15, 20; Oct - 2 [today], 24, Nov - 12, 13, 28; Dec - 25.