Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, 30th March, 2010

The day the prelude to "One" takes place. I have borrowed "Zero" for HIWTBINW, but am considering sharing it between the two equally, and completely. A plan is already formulating...

While I'm at it, cellphone dump:

Biggest ifs - first DCE counselling absenteeism, giving phone for messaging.

1. Underutilized housing near R K Ashram Metro station. [First of my deliverables, not in priority order but in chronological, when I'm appointed "Special Supervisor (PMO).]

Timunda Tigoda [A tale in a book of Hindi stories, about a dying business man who advises his loafer sons to seek advice in dark times from a three-headed, three-legged man. An old man is the person they find answerable to that description.]

Like small children, only the deeds are a little more harmful and dangerous than they were in actual childhood. I think if I die in my sleep, it'll be like I just went on dreaming. Like another life, only with slightly different characters. The extent of of difference varies highly significantly, of course. This last is a result of liking Marketing Research a li'l too much.

I like t9. I hate SMS lingo. It's neanderthal. I don't mind smileys, though, when I find them apt.

A suit looks good (looks goods, eh Amit? :D) because it glosses over the person's dressing errors.