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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another, it's getting repetitive now

The written wotk cannot adequately portray the visual, and vice versa.

I concede that existence, or life, is difficult to understand. Nevertheless, matter HAD to come from SOMEWHERE, and it IS getting somewhere, and we as a species are in it. That doesn't tell me much...

Sound, of course, is another perfect example of life utilizing particles to further its own cause.

To word my sugggestion to humanity - speaking as an outsider, not like Camus' but like an actual extra-terrestrial - differently, i think we should make IMMEDIATE use of practical technology that helps us spread to the Moon and onwards. There is AMPLE time left for going deeper than electron level - that being my personal limit of the 'practicality' of science.

One of the reasomns for civilization is so we can be GIVEN food by our guardians, instead of having to kill/reap to find sustenance.

Eyes open, always.

To further my last insight, sound is inferior to how we manipulate light, since vision is the confirmation of acknowledgement of communication establishment.

How come these people are not at all concerned that we're just specks on a ball of rock revolving around an ordinary sun?

I'd like to be Beorn; I'm aware my stature doesn't fit the description by Tolkien.

Education is important only because we feel the need to elucidate our thought processes; if there was one who didn't feel the need to communicate overmuch others, they would, to agree with Floyd, "need no education".

We humans are not unique in pondering the reason for existence; even dogs, or, for that matter, any living organism, will turn its thoughts to 'deeper meanings' etc when it has achieved its own level of ease of survival.

I don't know if that is an acquaintance, what i AM certain of is that I do not wish to establish communication right now. [I wish this one had a timestamp.]

The sense of identity, and especially individual identity, is, perhaps, one of the major differences between humans and other species.

Albendazole, mebendazole.


So. How Was Your Day? The title of my short stories.


On-the-spot decisions are probably the most 'future-influencing' decisions I make. Combine with Tree.

Mosquitoes are the REAL vampires.

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(contd.) Things to do, preferably with The Only - visit the church visible from Pulbangash metro station.

How soon is too soon? Message memory full.

Kitni heavy janta hai Botanical Garden metro station par...

Kudos to Burn Notice and Mad Men.
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