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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Cow, or, An Essay on the false notion of triviality of subjects as we grow "older"

Why is it that topics such as 'My Favorite Toy', 'My Summer Vacations' and 'The Cow' lose their importance as we progress from grade to grade?

The cow is a four-legged mammal. It is herbivorous, has four stomachs, and chews cud (i.e. regurgitates its food and chews it again to aid digestion. Gross.) It has different places in human society according to geographies. For example, in the west, cows are livestock, while here in India, they are "live" stock - sometimes more a part of the family than family itself. Even in the business scenario, it is common practice for cattle to be given more importance than human resources.

Another topic that may be used for encouraging thinking by young minds is 'Light'. Its still-debated characteristics may be found in the uncomplicated thoughts of a child. The simple occurrence that is reflection has been analyzed to within an inch of its brain (relativistically speaking). While Heisenberg had convinced humanity that it is impossible to be certain of anything, children unencumbered by formulae and relatively free of stereotypes, cultured by familial traits or otherwise, may show humanity a different way to perceive. I say, why know the small details? We know enough to rocket to the moon, or so NASA claims. Time to expand our horizons as a species.
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