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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drafts dump

Porcupine Tree make excellent music (Muzak? \m/)

Light treats living and non-living things impartially, in terms of creating shadows.

I wish FMS wins not only the match, but the cup. J I will do everything I can to fulfill my wish.

When I’m riding around on the Metro, I see so many heavily under-utilized buildings…AzSol will turn these decrepits into small, long-lasting, efficient, clean, self-sustained energy generation units.

I agree with Robert Downey Jr’s character in Short Cuts – you gotta pick your moments. In today’s fast-paced easily customized life, I can endeavor to keep the probability of being in places I’m good at being at. Also, the broad shape of the future can be achieved through planned actions.

It’s 8 a.m., and the down-draft in the Metro is stinkingly stifling…

I have always been the source of profundity and truisms.

A driver out for a joyride in his employer’s vehicle, for another short one.

Do muslims wear rings?

Every individual is bound to be different, even ants – with them, it’s just that there are so many that to ensure the ‘colony’’s survival, they must act upon self-imposed guidelines. The fact that the entire ant genus doesn’t necessarily follow this behavior is in accordance with what I stated about individuals. Stereotype formation is also related to this (behavior of ‘colonies’.)

Does china have its own film industry? How about the Communist Party of China – as in, does the CP of C have a film division per se – not a PR or media division.

It’s hard for me to replicate thoughts later, especially epiphanic ones like this, exactly.

The thing is, everything seems insightful.

Cells, biological and physical, in the sense of them being the basic building blocks, are reproduced on the pages of textbooks and screens, but do they really depict what is there at that level? With space, we can at least reach outwards and upwards to attempt gleaning what we form the building block of.
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