Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upto and including Mumbai

Example of a nice touch – the emergency exit signs in the Metro compartments are glow-in-the-dark. Example of a bad touch - he MTNL ads in the Metro! They suck! Redo!

To Do: Record the drive around this CWG logo structure [flyover around a seemingly wrought iron sculpture of the CWG logo].

Construction in full swing since the 0250 code…it seems the housing units are tiny, congested…Vasai, Churchgate, familiar names from reading but I’m thrilled at seeing them painted on walls and billboards…at Borivali station, there isn’t the bombay bustle…it’s 1720 hours, kinda busy time, shouldn’t it be? Kandivali has a dozen (or more) McD banners…Malad has Barat Matrimony[.com, I think]. Santa Cruz…Khar Road…I think this is the last small one before Bandra..so, Mumbai!!

I feel like hitting, or at least telling them that I feel like hitting them in their faces, these people coughing and sneezing With Orifices Wide Open.

I repeat: Please, if feasible, send me into outer space. TnC apply.

We can make some of 2001: A Space Odyssey into reality, there’s already that much tech at our disposal, methinks.

While making this Evernote note for Content Flow, searched for multi varying never similar in Japanese, only to get Introduction to Marketing at number 4; on this note, inspiration strikes…
Arz kiya hai…Waah, gas, waah,
kahaan tak le ayi tujhe teri hi hawaa.
Aadab arz hai, meaning I offer you my regards. The Japanese quote hunt was in part [wholly, in fact] due to just having watched Rising Sun, again, after a long time [Upper IV, methinks it was, at Lona’s ground floor house…], and the Evernote note [which should come in handy for CF] is also due to Rising Sun literally, since I’m doing it just to capture a dawn in Mumbai.

 I imagine America’s health record keeping system could include a do-you-crack-your-joints query to their standard questionnaires, for the purposes of a study to track the relation of cracking knuckles to weight of person.

Sea Link, Worli…nice ride, and transport has been a pleasure, as has the weather…a cable suspension bridge, is it? Like the Golden Gate, but not quite, if I remember Alistair MacLean correctly. Need I research these (types of bridges) before posting this dump? Open-ended question?

Wow…the view is awesome over this bridge… J \m/ and now, on to Mumbai Central or so I was told.

Swiss Boulevard, Atria building…nice fa├žade – literally, not sarcastically – since I generally associate facades with negative connotations.

More high rises and a white, illuminated building on my right, right out on the water…and back into commerce – the city thrives on it. Bay Side Mall seems to have fallen on rough times, maybe it’s marked for renovation…my compass still shows I’m heading due south, and our contingent leader has confirmed our contingent’s rendezvous.

And what are these Petronas Towers-type twin buildings I see from Platform 1 – rather, from my window seat? Mumbai has been fun!

Do what I do, don’t (necessarily) do what I say.

Back to Delhi alive, …[FB]

A pic and a vid from Nag's Xperia Play:

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