Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long overdue cellphone dump

I'm getting out of conditions a.s.a.p., one more i and its crash.

Hmm...I guess this is why HIMYM is such a draw...anticipation of an inevitable event - on top of that, a (presumably) 'happy' event.

Stay Hungry.  Plus, the dialogues by the Prison Break warden in his Two and a Half Men character (gay dad).

Reason for living-past-future.

A cement bag in a crow's nest is conclusive and definite, unarguable proof that birds are also evolving; therefore, everything else is, too.

Express 2 feat. Byrne - Lazy

I love being on 42 - 7 sweep scores, batting score, scrabble score, number in line - anything 42. Plus, from a previous epiphany, The Only Thing Not Tolerated Here Is Intolerance.

It's not uncommon that some memories break through the mind's cobwebs and come to the fore. Their timing of doing this, however, is arbitrary at best and depressing at worst. :)

Travel packing tip number whatever - pack in your socks with your traveling cables and plugs to prevent them rattling around and getting jumbled.

Crossing this market near Hotel Golf View makes me think, does life really come full circles, or just spirals of varying radii? [continued with/without question mark, either way] unless or until something 'big' happens or the person at the center - me, per exemple - puts in a 'huge' effort. However, as NNT advises, we can only deal with Black Swans as and when and if they happen.

I got li'l reason for dissin' but if I don' then summin' regular is missin'.

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