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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Routine dump

[By 'routine' I mean whenever my Nokia 1208 runs out of draft space, and I have to start sending messages to 42 so that they get stored in the Sent Items folder]

First draft - do I have a gravitational field better than most?

Tulna tab tak sahi hai jab tak weh eershya me nahi badal jaati.

[तुलना तब तक सही है जब तक वेह ईर्ष्या में नहीं बदल जाती]

Check Somebody To Love on pod.

Another conversation starter: So I guess we're lucky to have lived so far.

Deal with solitude - or, for self-pitying fools who don't realize how essential and fortunate they are to have some solitude, loneliness - take a walk, buy good groceries, come back home, cook, read, eat, work out, sleep.

Time is like intestinal gas - it must pass.

Mr Malviya taught me - us - percussion. He was a good teacher, and a good human being. I have no doubts about my judgment on this - his - matter.

I want a short fun life, and a quick death.

Katoch Jr had said that cold water doesn't really extinguish one's thirst. In the vernacular - not that that makes a difference; I trust my transliteration. What is relevant is that Grover just said the opposite. Haha.

I don't care anymore. [Update: I hardly care anymore.]


Flight overhead - east to west - 2240 hours, 16 July 2012.

Good work by Zain Mustafa, and a shout out to The Only since she makes me miss reading London in lists of places.

Prime example of the Beatles making whimsical songs: Lovely Rita

I take my peers seriously, and hope they see my jest for jest and my earnestness for earnestness.

It has been great socializing - or not - and now I look forward to collecting my thoughts and directing my actions.

I have, if temporarily, lost the thrill I obtained from social media. It's allure has faded.

K., you are empty. You inhale and exhale gases, and it doesn't matter which end of you they come out from, nor the sounds they make as they exit.

Life, crawling around in the dark, still finds purpose and money, is that a Freudian slip, meaning, I meant, it makes sense, as when sport is played - beautifully - or movement of water, disturbed - randomly? Live. The verb, not the adjective.

Through Your Eyes, by Cognac. A great song by a great band with a great name. Overkill? Haha.



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