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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Draft storage

[Not the wind-moving-phnomena draft; the ones that are my mind's whelps.]

Lazily Crazy: the name of my art den.

Eat, live. 2154 hours, 14th August 2012. Nothing else matters, with all due respect to Metallica.

Demand and supply don't apply to human numbers. Plus, courtesy Pillz, life has become a commodity. [This was on 8th August, I believe - although it could be 14th, too.]

कल की किसने देखी है ...must acknowledge the creator(s) of this lyric, presuming that it has been used in Hindi/Bollywood music one time or the other over all these years - 'history', as we know them.

Given that the majority...bleh, I prefer silence. 

Mental perceptions do not change physical reality.

So the only thing to do is communicate. Hence, I should keep my phone. This present one. Perhaps, when some cash comes in, buy a similar one and leave this as backup. I wish my conscience would allow me to charge the other one to the company - but with calling rates being as cheap as they are, why bother? Plus, uploading these messages would be so much more convenient...haha...greed drives me, somewhat incessantly. Must escape to the mountains asap. Money, come to me! This wishful thinking reminds me of the reason for this particular long message - cross-refer NNT's coffee-not-jumping-out-of-mug analogy of behaviour of grups of particles - that the only thing I'm sure of is my phone not disappearing in all of an instant. So the only thing to do is communicate.

A show with a consistent Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe theme.

I feel no remorse.

Sitting in this autorickshaw, I'm reminded of "The best laid plans of mice and men..." I'd decided, against my usual thinking grain, to sit in the middle of the auto, thinking I'll be saved from the rain and splashes...then the guy left and two others appeared, and of course I am now sitting on the 'edge'...death, when it happens to me, should be instantaneous, I wish.

[From IREDA visit] kalisonstelventemvee

Dreams are just dreams. Free associative exercise by the brain.

[continuing previous draft on dreams] It is so simple that dogs - and for all I know, all life - does it.

Heh heh...just realized, everyone is following 6-hourism, or one of its derivants. [Love making up words. Who's the authority? It's a free life, innit?

[Quote from Red Planet] Short time to live. Long time to wait.

Disappointment fro Salvia...sorry, Raj, I'm looking for acting gigs.

I wish my specs - or eyes, which they already do [eidetic memory], just not 'real' - had a recording option. [Have started recording audios to achieve the 'recording' of thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs and rants for posterity.] [Google led me to ; shall I become a beta tester?, not yet. I shall continue to try and become famous in the thespian world. :) ]

Ken Jeong is in Furry Vengeance, too. I shall watch it through to the next commercial break in his honor, and also to some extent, B Fraser for Blast From The Past. [Cements my wish to be in the media field, acting-side]
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