Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cellphone dump

Random things do happen in 'real' life. Message memory full. 42! 6-hourism!

Weather plays an important role in mood.

I have happy memories of refereeing the final in my fourth year in college.

Marge Simpson says, it takes a lot of courage to write something anon. Haha, says Nelson. I concur. :D

हर दिन ६ घंटों के ४ भाग में विभाजित होता है . शुभचिंतकों को इस बात के अनुसार सोचना चाहिए. Har din 6 ghanton ke 4 bhaag me katta hai. shubhchintakon ko is baat ke anusaar sochnaa chahiye.

Archer is brain-damn-awesome. [I could easily be a TV/media critic. :D]

With regard to time, I am dealt the cards I am dealt. 6-hourism is my honed-experience response to this scenario. The ultimate aim - if I live long enough - is Hollywood. :D Said with a complete straight face.

I don't want to sit in this ignominy. This is another reason for my superstardom ambitions. I love making up words.

The subtitles for Yes Minister are also not verbatim. [Critique :D]

There shall be bloopers aplenty! [Also, for VVFC: Bring your balls.]

This TAAHM, Charlie's Blackout Chili, has an awesome open..haha.

Glass & Stone.

This conversation is awesome - Charlie Harper with shrink, about feelings and an early grave.

Dorky teenager with Side Show Mel serving taco to Krusty says, if I had a girlfriend, she'd kill me! Haha...true that. Also, J Lithgow in TRFTS extols truly that hindsight is twenty twenty...do I need an abbreviation for Haha, true that?

Nelson - Haw haw, you can't change the past! htt

Everything is inching forwards.

August - 2, 10, 15, 20; Oct - 2 [today], 24, Nov - 12, 13, 28; Dec - 25.

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