Friday, June 21, 2013

Waiting For Godot

Estragon - Gogo - remove 'st' and it's the titular character created by Christopher Paolini. Coincidence? Probably. There are much more mind-defying ones happening everyday.

4 Cheshire cat

10 Hulk-speak

5,11 Darwinian (but was he later?) No.

14 One is what one is

24 He wants to impress me, so that I'll keep him [Us corporate slaves are the same]

Atlas s/o Jupiter?? No.

25 Tears = laughs = constant

generation = generation; Npeople > Npeople(previous)

28 dudeen [a clay pipe with a short stem TFD]; Kapp & Peterson [also a pipe]

29 Pan sleeps [mischief]

Time has stopped

31 That's how it is on this bitch of an earth

Lucky's tirade

42 Unless they're not the same...

43 Extraordinary tricks the memory plays

50 Introspection leads to gloom almost 49% of the times I [opposite of indulge] in it [masochize myself with it? I love making up words]

53 To every man his little cross

56 We should turn resolutely towards nature [emphasis mine - inspired by NNT, The Black Swan]

58 ...half a century [timestamp]

68 How time flies when one has fun [unintentional rhyme]

71 ballocksed

72 So, either God-ot comes or night falls, the waiting gets postponed - I wait to wait again

73 Aphoristic

74 Pyrenees; Who farted :D

75 Nutkick/gonadsblow - again 80, 82

76 "Simple question of will power"

78 caryatid [A supporting column sculptured in the form of a draped female figure TFD]

79 Memoria praeteritorum bonorum ["The past is always recalled to be good" - I disagree completely; refer my thought circa 50]

82 Pozzo's "One day..." thoughts are prescient; this is my ironic comment, just to be as clear as can be in the written medium [Spoken thoughts have inflections of tone to convey this]

83 But in all that [recounting the past] what truth will there be? [None]

85 Their purpose is "To wait for Godot"

87 "Unless Godot comes" - Second Coming (?) We'll be saved

I assumed the play occupied the rest of the pages of this Longman edition that I was graciously lent by a colleague. Done and over with, bam!

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