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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Train Time

[From the blank-page spiral-bound notebook; scribbled in pencil from 2052 hours, 020109]


The train is underway, finally. The new, not-so-well-adjusted reservation website has made things a l'il more tiresome than they used to be. Still, in the name of progress, overall I can say there is an improvement...


...despite the fog. I've decided to write as much as I can (all thinking = = writing) and I can already see the amount of time I'm going to have over this journey. It's been hardly ten minutes that the train started, from the station, and this is already the second time the train has stopped. I will stick to voting for an improving state of affairs.

         I don't have a sharpener, either, so now I'm going t scribble smaller so as not to waste graphite. Already I can see the dullness of the pencil tip; my irritation at that compounded by the small baby bawling below.

         The spiral is not holding the pencil properly it because I've shifted from the first few "accounting" pages to these middle pages? Even this coffee sucks (I waited to have a sip of it before writing that).

         Is there any relation between sleeping posture and nose size/shape? Ig Nobel. My S5 67 is now S5 75. Increase of 8. Should remember that, then it'll be easier to formulate a strategy next-to-next time, because next time I'll confirm this - AP, is it? - arithmetic progression.

         We're crossing the Ganga. I saw only in these holidays (thanks to Rajesh) how huge it is. One short ten-minute glimpse was enough. I'm amazed I lived on the banks of this huge a river, never mind it's importance in other aspects!

         There should be a rock/metal group, Rock On Twenty20, which seeks to take the populace hooked on the Rock On OST to actual rock level; give them an introduction to varied sounds so they can identify their preference and enjoy it as early as possible. Music is an important personality trait.


I must do more this sem. I'm sure that "Do More" is the tagline of some company that I have come across, just can't remember which one it is. Anyhow, I must follow it to ensure  decent future, one that I'll like being in. It's a pity I can't know the future - if I did, my thoughts would at least have a definite ending to reach.

         In the slight turmoil of train schedule, I missed out on getting the golgappa filling and imli-paani that I'd promised The Only.

         Bringing up a baby is tough, but it should be no means curtail your travel. The earlier a baby is adjusted to brave new experiences, the more receptive it's mind is primed to be, later.


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