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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Come On In

Come On In
A loose-rhyme spur-of-the-moment, midnight-half-dream-inspired free verse. Background playlist: 
Any Colour You Like - pink Floyd
For You Blue - Beatles
Rabbit Run - Eminem
Weight - Smith

Ends are around the corner
Every day life is ending
If you didn't make it,
 you can't hear this,
but if you can, come on in. 

Ones, singles, solos, misfits,
couples, duos, pairs and bros,
Tres, Quattro, more 'n more,
Everybody get in on the act,
If you can, that is, come on in. 

Points barely ever arrived at,
Arguments arrive endlessly,
Perspective is hard to have,
When you're ground to the floor. 
Rise up if you can, come on in. 

Aradhye Ackshatt. 
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