Monday, December 8, 2014

Till Amritsar Trip

On 3rd November 2014, we attended a good old friend's wedding and celebrated the occassion with the pomp and splendour that has become the norm in New Delhi.

Most people's progeny holds the so-called special place in their hearts. I don't have any, so that's something to be shelved with things-to-be-thought-about-when-they-happen shelf.

Ate dragonfruit for the first time (so the 'been there, done that' adage is not applicable for some time to come - till the inevitable end) at the following day's reception do.

A week earlier, a petty salary/retainership cheque had been signed, somewhere in some office, as compensation for my work.

The panoramic night view afforded by the taller apartment buildings, encompassing the yellow dots of light along the expressway and the myriad concrete clusters still under construction, is one to behold - hence my effort to digitize all the sights worth sharing. If only I shared as much as I cared.

I like still life photography - desks with thingamajigs, freshly bought groceries and produce, food whether homely or despite my best efforts, alien.

Plants vs Zombies is a good game. So is QuizUp.

A fried egg, sunny side up, sprinkled with rock salt and herbs.

Filming on a small scale was going on in the flyover cloverleaf garden on the afternoon of 12th November. I wonder if I'll ever see that shot somewhere.

Methi (fenugreek, if I'm not mistaken) and potatoes with multigrain butter toast and mango yogurt and small dollops of garlic chilli sauce.

A temporarily escaped Saint Bernard foraging through garbage on the roadside.

One of my T-shirts: Treat each day as your last and one day you will be right.

Construction is becoming consistently better as the improvements in indoor auxiliary systems show.

Olive and mushroom bruschettas at Manhattan in Gurgaon, on the occassion of an adventurer friend's visit to Delhi.

The art installation in the AIIMS Delhi flyover garden is...

The Saket commercial complex is inordinately huge.

Onion-potato parathas with boiled egg curry.

Selfies, as the name suggests, are about the self.

Chicken curry, sauteed cauliflower and shredded cucumber raita with plain homemade rotis.

Methi parathas with potato cauliflower curry.

Aubergine and tomato mash with toasted multigrain bread and julienned radish.

Chickpea curry, cottage cheese (paneer) gravy and diced potato and carrots, sauteed.

The CWG logo under Barapullah is, in contrast, defintive.

A tandoori chicken Subway salad.

The prize attained by recovering something precious and elusive.

Bucaphelus: Alexander. Kanthaka: Buddha. Chetak: Maharana Pratap.

Toasted rice with peas and julienned carrots.

Is it, really, THAT hard to imagine that these rusty pins in the holder [box with a magnetic top] have developed a 'community' of their own; and, that I am the 'higher power' that decides on which pin gets/attains 'liberation' from an (seemingly) endless existence, when I pull out any for use? - 2155 hours, 12th July 2012.

And so begins the Amritsar trip.

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