Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quiz Modern Wonders of the World

1. Begun in the 7th century, this wonder is more than 4,000 miles long (1 mile = 1.6 km)

2. Which wonder is named "city in the clouds "?

3. A height of 125 feet makes this wonder an achievement of humanity. Hint: who stands so tall?

4. The only thing left of this 9 BCE wonder are the carvings in the pink stone it is made of, what was the city?

5. This wonder is still considered the role model for sports stadia around the world. 

6. One continent has 3 out of the 7 modern wonders of the world. Which one?

7. The Mayan calendar had ended in 2012, but what structure has remained to become a wonder of the world?

8. The city of Rio de Janeiro is home to which imposing figure of the religious world?

9. Even though it is ancient, which wonder was discovered only in 1911 after a long search?

10. The Mongols found it hard to continue their attacks against this feat of engineering. Where did this happen? 

11. There is a pyramid near the centre of the ruins of this wonder, which was probably used for religious purposes. Which wonder, we wonder?

12. This wonder was built in France, then broken down and shipped to its current location. Which wonder got built this way?

13. Almost 50,000 people could enjoy games and sports while sitting in this massive wonder. Where would you be if you were one of the people watching?

14. In the 17th century, a monument was built and so that it could never be replicated, the workers had their hands cut off in the orders of the person who got the wonder made. Which wonder has this bloody history?

15. Paul Landowski put in a huge effort to make his image of a deity, and the result towers near a beach, with its arms outstretched. What did he make?

16. King Aretas the Fourth got caves and rooms built into a mountain, big enough to become the capital city of an empire during Roman times. What is it called as a wonder today?

17. A combination of Mughal and Persian architecture, this wonder is now threatened by pollution and vandalism. What do we call it?

18. Gladiators and emperors were part of the big spectacles that made this place famous. Which city would you be in if you visited this giant wonder?

19. The capital city of a country is blessed by the Christian 'Son of God'. Which country's visa do you need to visit this 'City of God'? 

20. List the 7 wonders with the city, country and continent.

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