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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Becoming Grazy

Just a thought, about how obsessed I've become with getting a virtual identity.

Anyway. Phone message memory is full, so offloading here, for lack of a more convenient method - on paper, with a good pen...

Let's make the individual effort, for our selfish reasons, and see how that affects the common, prevalent state of affairs.Old children play advanced versions of their favorite games from when they were kids.

1355 hours, 04 October 2009. The weather is pleasant. The summers' placement process is on the brink of starting - to fall. The time given was 1330 hours. No indication of professionalism. Anyway. After 5 days, not my problem anymore. I have bigger fish to fry.

I admire my people skills. :p

Mediocrity manifests itself throughout society.

Coke 160565725

Dreams-are-the-real-world theory support - things are as good as can be, we're dealing with our real difficulties in our asleep state, hence everyone has a different thing going in the real world, because we all sleep at different times and for different durations. one of the infinite goals I set for myself. Pathetic.>

Popularizing a a small idea in a small group is tough due to individuality differences. One must look for support of the collective few among the teeming masses.

The Sims' idea of life, in continuation with one of the previous messages.

Alternate reinsertions into the present after killing crucial people in the past, or whoever. 2. Induction week gave me good feedback.

Thief by night, grocer by day, chances upon something that...something significant. Could be sci-fi, psycho, anything.

For Microsoft - tie up with the government! Hang a logo banner in small students' lives, they'll be prospective Windows Live members.

'The Human Experience', by me. Another load to add to the already-staggering pile. :D

That's it. 0433 hours, Thursday, October the 29th, 2009, by my trustworthy watch. Thank you, for many good times (pun intended). I die an almost- happy man.
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