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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cellphone Dump this is what 'a knot in my stomach' is...

I should learn to be a little more inconsiderate. What I wrote in the protected document today was not entirely true. Have no idea which "protected doc I'm talking about, must find out

I'm way too decent for my own good.

See? I'm over with more than one thought processes already and this guy has just crossed Stephens'. :p

For the ex-in business - bathrooms should have elbow handles, especially for homes with kids and toddlers.

Did you ever feel that the world around you is holding you back? Something like, "can't these people move/think/reason/decide any faster?" ?

I'm going to get rid of my self-imposed under-achiever, capable-but-not-applying-himself tag right away. I have Saquib to thank.

A picure says a thousand words - Obama on that pic.

An example of bad parenting - my Mom tells my Sis that she (Giggles) has 'no right' to fight with her. I think she should be explaining why fighting is bad, with anyone, without reason. I may be wrong, but she certainly isn't right in making fighting a right or priviledge. We'll take care, My Only.

Simple and effective. Simple yet effective. Everything is possible with the right guide.

Feel the burn to stay fit. Somu would be a good fit in Perfetti's marketing department, creative side. Or in the agency handling Perfetti. Which is...O&M (figures). Okay, what else was there earlier...hmm... I'm surprised the earth holds up all this construction, and even more flabbergasted when I see these buildings in my neighbourhood, here, get built. Seriously. Later.
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