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Sunday, January 17, 2010

One more cellphone dump

The HPOP mistake I made - May 2003. This one I'll write about, in detail. Might make a good prologue for TBINW.

A time dilation high.

We should wave to kids, at least, while passing them by. I almost just did, at kids at Ajayabpur's primary school. Actions speak louder than words. Proves what a...I had the word in my mind at the previous sentence...damn! Anyway, what a bad person I am. Oh yeah! Happy New Year!

This Facebook status of mine inspires me to write another batch-addressed mail. Dear Mum wants me to face 'real' India, world, people, society, office, whatever she wants; well, I insist on general honesty, that's all. This thought got way too serious, just like the conversation at Somu's birthday party.

I need to check my privacy settings a this blog. Curiously, I'd never typed 'blog' on this phone before! :D The li'l things in life...

The blog-(not)-in-my-t9 thing brings into sharp relief the acute un-usage of vocabulary I suffer from. I use the keep-it-simple thought to overcome and compensate for the issue. I mean, I understand every word I hear generally, but I don't use them...

If ever I'm seeing off a loved one on a train journey, I'll tip the coach attendant adequately while leaving. The services sector depends on these frivolities to improve.

I feel the national ID project should be less ambitious and more practical.

I wish I was a cop. My kind of cop.
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