Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cellphone Dump

I must remember to get stuff to read on the Metro. One cannot always think of stuff to write/type.

A small, quaint building nestled in the curve of a road neither leading to nor starting from it. A serene red and white facade, concealing the hectic pursuit of academic excellence within.

I've lost lots of stuff, but the three caps - at very distant gaps in time and space and situation - hurt the most. :(

Godrej Interio ad - loser.

Someone - me, for starters, till we can find someone more interested and more qualified - should teach the FCI supply chain management.

I should incorporate a few - maybe just one, like being ambitious - of the Type A personality. On an unrelated but pretty powerful note, watch American Psycho. !D [A thank you to Fuddu for recommending it.]

Why is the Indian Bank's New Delhi main branch disused [middle circle, CP]? It's a criminal waste of prime real estate.

Give out your email everywhere. Wait a minute, I think I already do that... Anyway, give it out because soon people will be paying just to get their ads seen.

After a long time, something. The relationship between cracking knuckles and smoking addiction. Oh, and message memory full! The little joys of life remain the joys of life.

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