Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another cellphone dump

Dopey's 'Mohini and the Snake' tirade.

I am organised in my personal habits, and a team player at large, moving into leadership positions when I identify with the goals of the group.

A successful SETI would give us something to think about, in all respects.

I'd almost forgotten how good listening to music is...and I commend myself once again for getting my Vaio. The MusicBox application rules! \m/

What happened to Write? And so many others before it?

How subjective 'truth' is!

I also had a blue cap, with the logo of the Penn State Nittany Lions. I don't remember how I came to own it, nevertheless, it was a good cap.

I need to get some - lots, actually, else THIS wouldn't be being typed - ideas down in black and white.

I think - and I quote my thoughts - that this much I know, I won't die on the road.

Then wham!, and V G proves me wrong. It;s the kind of think that Phaedrus would do.

I'm sure my paper trail will not be hard to follow, were someone ever to create a biography of me.

All hitch hikers like to feel sorry for themselves, hence they put themselves in sorry situations. :D

'd love to be a philanthropist, but the concern for people closer to me than the general populace dissuades me from the thought process.

Today, this auto wallah has been the instrument of fate, if any, to punish me for being lazy and a procrastinator. I hope it ends here, at this CNG station, and aids the release of my degree...12:10 pm, 27 July, 2010.

I am thankful that it is my wallet which I lost, and not my phone - or worse, both! Dear Mum had applied exactly the same reasoning for a similar situation she faced, about 23 years ago.

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