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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Massive, Long-time Offline Cellphone Dump

If god doesn’t exist, then luck, chance, and other indeterminate things also don’t, unless you argue using Heisenberg’s. Even then, since I don’t know the details of many things, I can’t accept that praying for good luck or for resolution of individual dilemmas can alter events. Sorry, Dear Mum, but that’s just me.

Neighbours form opinions of you from their interpretations of their observations of your actions. It works on the whole, too, of course, but with neighbours it’s more provable. And...umm...join the threads backwards, or trying to...yeah, so even the slightest mismatch between timings of actions and their being observed, including the time in which the activity is being carried out and/or concluded, which may be complete tasks in themselves, can prove/seem miraculous and/or disastrous.

The ink (if I can call it that) on my ticket stub from Wave Cinemas, Raja Garden from I don’t know when, thanks to their low quality standards, has vanished. I don’t need it, but what about corporate people claiming expenses, or families keeping accounts?

Waiting is so loserish.. :b

Arms akimbo. It's been so long since this word that even t9, usually spot on, doesn’t have it.  The little joys of life. On a separate note, the newspaper started for the youth at one buck a copy is neither targeted at nor aspired to by me.

At this, the Boring Road branch of SBI, it is a pleasure to listen to old Bollywood renditions on saxophone.

To be good at public speaking, you have to be able to be what the situation requires you to be.

Possible places the PM can appoint me in: [non-exhaustive list, by a long way] Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CBI desk and field sub categories, solar energy cell, PR manager-consultant on projects (to get around the issue of creating a post for me), Army intelligence unit...

Has my ‘Write’ fizzled? Is it time to waste time on ‘Something Must Be Done’?

Something must be done. And if I have to do this, I need a team which knows me, and helps me know them. You in, Paddy? Sud? Qaiser? Sisodia? Satyen? Soumu? Seven is good, I think, to do what I have in mind. Let’s start calling.

The difference between me and most of the rest of the world is that I don’t take advantage of people when I am in a position to. It’s not sensible, or preach-able, but I shrug and say, so what? At least I’m a good human being, and a talented one at that. I don’t need to press down upon people just for the sake of it, or for personal gain. Instead, let others have a bit of, shall I say, good luck, in having met me.

Your job is your job. Not your hobby or your pastime.

I remember saving a draft about a David Lynch – I even remember typing “Lynch” – type dream about a real-turning-to-soft-toy, with Cheshire-like transformation, and a flat triangular animated monster, both about a foot large, both clawing and biting (trying to) the toes of my slippers; becoming more aggressive as they become more arbitrarily animated. It is almost the same time a day later. 0611 hours, 15th October 2010. I liked the bit about a time stamp in R K Narayan’s A Dateless Diary.

It’s been a while [ref. Staind, It’s Been A While] since I’d thought about the ‘If I could go back to one point in my life with full knowledge of the experience till now’ thing. Come to think of it, I think that’s how an autobiography is written...

:D Savage Garden’s The Animal Song is playing on radio, seems such a far-removed-from-reality idea, almost, but no quite – to pulverize, plagiarize Adams – laughable concept.

Tragic ways to die 1: impaled through the eye by a bovine horn.

Gal mithi mithi bol. Meri bindu re bindu. Aane wala kal jaane wala hai.

Astrological trinkets are effective if they become psychological reminders for the wearer, whether s/he recognises or acknowledges this or not.

Way to instant happy-feel: look at others.  ...and that’s how everyone gets away with irresponsible/unacceptable social behaviour.

Someone started owning more valuables than others, but needed time for it. So he employed one of the guys whose share he’d usurped. And that’s how it started.

I’m blessed – it is the word that originally came to mind, so I’ll not lie by substituting it with any other – to have a healthy body.

Isn’t it time DMRC removed these vision-stopping banners from Akshardham station? Let people get inspired!

I’m sorry to say and frowning to observe this para-trooper on Botanical Garden station totally – totally – harass two separate girls, one with a guy, too, with his eyes. I guess it’s the one bad apple that stinks up the basket...

Practice what you preach – very important. Also, in this bus to Sec 37 crossing, revelation – deep thoughts are good if you have the will to snap out of them, at will.  19th October 2010.

There’s a Shaggy (of Scooby Doo fame) sticker on this person’s bag, en route to – again, these banners – Akshardham. He is in no way the target for the Scooby business, in fact I’m certain he’s neither heard of nor is interested in the dog and his snacks. How mass media manifests itself...

A thumbs-up to you, Ms. Nidhi, for your status message. Very true.

On a cargo auto in Bhangel – na kisi ki buri nazar, na kisi ka muh kaala; sabko khush rakhe, maalik upar wala. A very noble thought, I must say. Kudos!

I have the astrological trinkets to protect me, so why should I care? Anyway, I love The Only.

Should we migrate? That is the question.

Flare gun, LASIK, and Hancock with The Only. Discuss S M B D plot with her, quoting The Man From Earth. Also, The Hobbit is compulsory reading.

What doesn’t kill you should make you stronger. The choice, and the will, is yours.

The Z Cafe logo animation zooms out of a sideways view of a breast, complete with nipple. What is that? Subtle imagery? 1123 hours, 2nd November 2010.

I must work on “Write” more.

I walk these non-empty streets...

Sponsors of “True Stories” on Nat Geo – why? WHY? I should write to them, give a little free advice. How opposite the “A Word of Advice – Don’t Give Advice” quote in one of the excellent Hindi books I’d picked up for `20-30 each at Parker Hall during one of the Founders’ Weeks...

Linkin Park has become too straight-metaphorical.

Living at home is like The Sims, and it feels like déjà vu, can’t pinpoint why...maybe cross-refer to the post about neighbours forming opinions based on their observing you, and the unique (to me, at least) social interactions – nay, social interaction choices – of Dear Mum.

A strong set of ethics rarely helps if there’s a desire for money.

I need a book for metro rides. Sides. Sheep. Sheer. Rider. Correct. Sheds.

Send a plaintive email to Nat Geo. “Live curious”.

Courtesy Chughi – bind your memories. [Cannot remember what this one was about...very much doubt if he’ll even know what I’m mentioning if I mention this.]

How harmful is putting water through the X-BIS machines of DMRC?

Public utility systems aren’t affected by buri nazar. Case in point – metro. Also, public schools, which fall prey to bad internal policies/decisions/decisions to make policies. Case in point – Sanawar.

Clean energy is one of the heads to be discussed during Obama’s visit. I must be proactive instead of a passive-aggressive. No, not really, I just heard that passive-aggressive thing twice today, once in Family Guy and once in Drawn Together, I think; it was floating around in my head looking to get used somewhere.

2110 hours, 4th November 2010. BBC report on coaching schools in PoK – for S M B D. In Yodaspeak, Be Done Something Must, or B D S M. :D

Elaborate with example: when you tell a third person about an interaction involving you and a second person, it is...umm...desirable from the second person’s perspective to know what you tell, since this version isn’t influenced by your desire to avoid hurting the feelings of the second person. Example: wife discussing sex life with girlfriends.

This “I Kid You Not” thing on Hit 95 cuts no ice with me. Recalling adolescent incidents/things that happened at home is not pleasant for me [, or a laughing matter].

Predilection, e.g. for languages.

I can now quote Obama regarding solar cells. Must get transcript. 1340 hours, 8th November 2010. And K Subramaniam, too.

This Sarthak guy is good, dude. Freudian, eh? Good work.

Paint your home green – ad for Azventure.

Shamitpur, Udalgudi, National Liberation Front of Bodoland. For S M B D. [Bodo kill 24 innocents in Assam]

I dunno what to say, so will say nothing. Love. [For The Only]

Wake and...? 

Sam Pitroda advises the PM on innovations.

Who or what is at my antipode? 1202 hours, 11th November 2010. Pulbangash metro station.

A Thank You is in order for Devan Daniel K P, for...common room cricket, suggesting The Hobbit, lending me HP1 to read, the ‘Himalayas’ song, etc etc etc.

Over time, one encounters many, many kinds of weather, in many, many...umm...permutations (just to use a longish word) of situations; the distinct objects being permutated include money, place, time of day, physical health etc. These shall all eventually matter in the writing of S M B D, I Kid You Not.

Michael McConnell’s comment on sensitive intelligence in Pak and Afg. Also, General A Kayani’s India-centric comment.

We are bound by the rotations of the second hand.

I could trek across Delhi in half a day.

It seems like an infinite amount of time has passed every time I dial your number. Time should be according to one, hence the divide-world-on-basis-of-perception-of-time theory.

When I die, two things: no remorseful ceremonies and/or rites; my body to be donated to medical science – including harvesting any organs that can be.

Ah, well, one needs SOMETHING to while away the time uselessly...

I love quality solitude.

Only your mind can give you away.

The antennas of i20, Ritz and Swift. I have spotted it.

I have walked on the edge, as well as both its sides. 

Todd Stern, Obama’s Special Envoy for climate change. No offense, what does Mr. Special Envoy’s routine run like? I’d like to know, and I know Carl would like to know, too. ATHF.

Where are the numbers? I MUST find the numbers to my b-plan! :D

I want to be fit when I’m old, not like...not like, well, this.

Call DMRC and ask them to support me; put solar cells along the railings of their above ground systems, and station rooftops – maybe schedule this for next up gradation/incorporate BIPV into future plans?

The Office is fun to watch.


Finally, BIG Street has learned from 360°, as TDI did.

I am a prolific unpublished author.

Smorgasbord. Just felt like using the word. Also, it’s the human brain, capable of immense things; no point wondering if any thought is a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ thought.

If I have to do business, I must stop enjoying mediocrity, and clarify this in its cruellest, monetary sense to The Only.

Naked Lunch, by David C. Written by W S Burroughs. Also, On The Road by J Kerouac. Also, Howl by Rob Epstein starring James Franco. Also, the works of G Corso.

I think my time of being an out-and-out extrovert is over.

James Joyce, John Updike, Aldous Huxley, R Kipling, Ray Bradbury, movie – Barton Fink – in fact, the Coen Brothers’ entire works, David Lynch’s entire works, Bob Dylan discography, Kafka, comic/movie – Persepolis, The Interpretation of Dreams etc. by Freud, Works of F Nietzsche, Jung,

In stressing upon expressing with meaning rather than description, I support the Beat movement.

Play ‘This Velvet Glove’ by RHCP slower. Which reminds me, how dependent I find myself on others’ talents! :D I regret it not.

So much has changed/happened this year, and it’s not even new year yet!

Taking a big cab to Gurgaon. Feels like floating in a sea of traffic. I don’t like that. I prefer to be involved in the surroundings, exploiting the weaknesses.

The author of Winter Fire [Geoffrey A Landis]. Also, I think I give the run of the earth to monkeys and they’d be running things just about the same.

Crime and existentialism.

The smog is hanging dense here, in Sector 44. Not good.

How is it possible to ‘become what you are’ when you are so inextricably connected to so many people? Reminiscent of The Man From Earth, the way he must delete himself from place to place.

Thank you, Mr Nietzsche, for “become what you are”.

Do not judge strangers. Analyse, but that too only to a very, very superficial level.

Diadems – notes from DCE.

The answer to “Why can’t I be what I want to right now?” is that we are biological beings; now and then is a concept of time, not nature. Periodicity is natural, measuring it and counting it as important is artificial.

Curious amateur photographs of the Sun. Also, are glasses a handicap (Non-astronomical; more specifically spectacles)?

Cracking knuckles, dry cleaning woollens, pilling of sweaters, [Things to Google while at Office].

Music is an excellent aid to...umm...circumvent the illusion of time (“Lunchtime, doubly so” – D Adams). Which, according to the image I have of Arthur Dent, leads me to believe that our administrative slowness is a leftover from British India.
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