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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Longtime Cellphone Dump - Maybe A Li'l Bit More Focused Than The Previous Instalments

Someone Else's Dream along with Tangled Tree of Decisions would explain coincidences,and adaptation/evolution to some extent...but matter? Where does all this come from?

My - Azventure Solar's - CSR initiative will be Restore Earth:.

If there is a god, answer me this question - What is at the centre?

Again by company cab, and sucky again. That's what reminded me that I'm in a cab, again.

Sopcast, tvants [from Nalin]

This sector 37 crossing demonstrates that we, humans, are also in many ways like ants. [ref. video of Do The Evolution, by Pearl Jam]

Easy come, easy go. Always believe in this. [Kinda like in a note-to-self sort of way]

There must be a wealth of human experience - and reflections on it - in the tirades of these auto-drivers as well; doesn't matter whether intoxicated or not.

Looki volcket luistl melag vol

Long time since I typed. Travelling gear should be brightly colored - unless you want to go incognito.

I want fame and fortune - it's the wait that sipper ripper me off. I also want to read Ulysses and Finnigan's Wake.

If I had the best opportunities of this world, I'd love to be an astronaut or a real part of S M B D. It's a cruel, cruel world. Still, passing time is not as hard as it sounds.

Perhaps the answer lies further down this road - the many ways in which to answer questions posed to yourself.

At this point, I feel my true potential is as a survivalist. Example question for previous message - Is Airtel costlier than Idea? Is it worth it?

The only way to know the future is to ensure that mankind survives - we must start now for any hope of lasting beyond the next few centuries, at this rate of fucking up the earth and littering earth orbit with money-making and idiot-box promoting debris. Expanding to the moon should be our aim, I re-insist.

Cellphones and modern communication devices are a perfect example of how we are influencing matter - through physical manipulations of different kinds of it - to enhance our living experiences and collectively push the gee pool higher.

Marilyn Manson's got it right - every body's looking for something. [ref. Sweet Dreams] Sheldon also has it right, in a way - our collective goal should be to enhance the genetic pool.

People on public transport think about influencing events of their interactions with other people - hence, people who would become leaders et al manage to guide the fundamental particles to their - and, more often than not, others' as well - benefit.

Willtolive, restoreearthdrive, azventuresolar [domain names to purchase]

Empathy is key to understanding why we need to work towards a sustainable future.

Given enough time, Ents are a possibility. Message memory full.

I realize truths of life everyday, I'm unable to get them down. One thing I do manage to do, sometimes, though - backtrack. It helps, and also provides a feeling of satisfaction regarding my brain.

I understand all there is to this world. That being said, I'm always willing to learn.
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