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Thursday, June 23, 2011

upload after home trip

Writing, being cheesy, is never easy. What I mean is, here everyone else is, minding their own business, and there you come over the horizon, waving a sheaf of papers and insisting that everyone read your crap, and give you their opinion. Well, what do you think?

I prefer to save my shave for Sunday evenings.

Exchange of info at Yamuna Bank station.

Continue, please, with whatever you were doing before I was dead. Change your plans if they involved me, obviously, but please DO keep them in the same vein.

I think about Life, The Universe And Everything In Between, by me, and I Think About You, by Guns n Roses.

I actually put my hands up – ‘haath khade kar diye’ – for an answer to the question, where does all matter come from? Even energy has – had – to come from somewhere.

I like it that I don’t fit the bill for being sales-pitched by these guys and girls employed at these retail stores. I like not having to turn them down. I like knowing exactly – almost – what I want.

I woke up in the middle of a dream at will today morning. 0912 hours, 24 May 2011. I’ll venture further to say that that is a kind of Freudian manifestation of my will power – and I’ll smile to that, and feel proud.

How old people get when they buy their own Civic… :P

Like the thought about truck drivers, who probably have their own versions of lives to relate, so do auto rickshaw drivers.

Perception is a thing unaffected by the five senses. It is mostly shared by them to make sense of the world for the perceiver.

To all humanity, and to Dear Mum in particular, today, 2215 hours, 29 May 2011, Noida – it’s just the weather, don’t be upset.

I would like to return to the Roots, Bloody Roots (Sepultura).

I’m not afraid of death. When you’re dead, everything’s gone. Game over.

Dhobi Ghat – Ms Rao has incorporated quite a bit – many bits and pieces – of great direction. The final masterpiece could’ve been better, though, Mr Mandlik.  Also, the sprint by the character at the end underscores the importance of being physically fit.

AzSol: supply-demand – renewable energy is endless – everyone/everything needs energy. 2 + 2, renewable energy is profitable. Also about me – factotum. But, cut to the chase – money. ?

I don’t mind putting Wiki links in my work. I like to think that in places and regarding things about which it would be sufficient to get a general overview, a familiar layout (Wikipedia) is helpful even to the uninitiated. Of course I run the risk of off-putting some people, but hey, tough titty. :P

In the end, as with every point in life’s timeline, I am alone with my thoughts. Loneliness is only tough when recognized as such by my mind. I’m fit but I need to lose this fat around the waist. What a waste.

After plowing through half of The Castle (F. Kafka), I must revise my opinion of Kafka – pretty laborious. :P I am reading the English translation by _____________________, and the two-page-long monologues are beginning to irk me.

White noise is blissful! 

Chetan Bhagat’s first, 5 Point Someone, was a good read; the ones that followed have contributed to juvenile literature standards plunging down the toilet [and plugging it up, and plummeting down it again]. Of course, I feel all the more spiteful because of Durjoy Dutta et al.

Thomas Mann’s quote in today’s Jamshedpur edition of The Telegraph does not make complete sense to me. Maybe the second part is written from a societal competition standpoint, or the first is written from an old-knowledge-in new-information standpoint. Quote and elaborate, if able to achieve the same state of mind – “For man always searches for recognition: he would like to find the old in the new and the ordinary in the individual. Ashok Mitra, on the same page, has an opportune idea – and I suggest that EVERYONE deserves a biography.
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