Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vaio'd - Another cellphone dump

Bashmit will replace, aw, shit. I must become more social. Think cautiously and plan accordingly. The one good thing about India is, I think, right now, that disguises have to be pretty damn good to have any conceivable chance of working. Makes it tough for foreign spies and internal terrorists alike. To elaborate further on this metro ride to Pulbangash, the sheer number of people around you at most times is enough to make a Big Brother scheme superfluous. Kapish? I should submit my works serially. Perhaps start with SMBD. In my opinion, Soframycin is an excellent medicine. I understand, that is to say in this context that I empathize, and so I shut my eyes and don't pass judgment. Assuming concentrating on your cellphone is equivalent to shutting your eyes. Having corporate worker logos on their clothes gives some people a sense of security. The surest indication that my economic stature has become larger is that I get anxious when the balance on my metro card approaches or falls below ` hundred. It is evidence of a money-trickling-down-through-to-even-undeserving-kids effect that people with soft heels have more easy-going lifestyles. It is blasphemy on nature, I tail [sic] you. The day will come when my cigarette burns will show no more...I'm almost sure that will be a nostalgic time... [Idea for being granted a wish by god that asks to be, to coin a phrase, in on the secret of the universe. God says:] May you perceive existence the way I do. Discussion follows, after an epiphany and a frown. Something like God's Debris by Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Has the trend of celebrities endorsing cars in India gone? We have to do the best we can at the time. Also, the every-point-trying-to-get-equidistant-from-every-other-point-in-an-infinite-universe-of-points thought fits the infinity of the universe, and also, kudos to Chuck Lorre's vanity cards. Through electronics - idly thinking about my Vaio got me, well, thinking, so to speak - we have come to control the movement of electrons, and whatever more (or less) is inside them. My question is, invest more brain power into looking and working outwards, beyond Earth. A house can handle only so many people, and we're procreating all the time. In our minds, if not actually. Send me into space, I lie [sic: t9 for kid] you not. Your noose-around-the-neck job is a product you're consuming, manufactured (IN PRISTINE CONDITIONS WITH 100% PURE INGREDIENTS) by the corporates. To quote Fight Club, "You decide your own level of involvement). I agree with David Lodge in his Thinks... We are in on (way superior to any other species in regard to) death. So the DMRC is Delhi's first brush with international standards. Hm. An impressive one it is, Yoda say. So, as far as I recall, C = 5/9 (F) - 10. Correct me if I'm wrong, pl. I feel the need for a tablet device, but then immediately after I feel I am easily making do with my Nokia 1208. All I need is a space to save my thoughts, arbitrary though they may be, and the text capability of this phone is as good as any others - and even when it has to surpass its limited pre-programmed-dictionary vocabulary, I shift to multi-tap. Simple. As many things in life are. The ones that aren't, aren't. If there's something I can do about them in this moment of time, I'm probably doing it. Or thinking of doing it, at least.

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