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Friday, May 25, 2012

Another long-time offload

To get over some complications of ours, I say, I'll agree with you whenever you say, per se.

Eyepet is by London Studio...coincidences, remembrances and coincidental remembrances have the potential to drive one nuts...

India is one of the few places where it (solar power/solar energy/sunlight) has fallen everywhere at full speed. Courtesy: Quaddro

A black-and-white profile pic in the pose of Rodin's The Thinker.

Inspired by O Nash: Outside is good, inside'er is be'er.

A suggestion for an Idea Cellular ad: tagline - "Log cheap hain, aur Idea cheap hai", delivered as testimonials by American/Caucasian people on a visit to India.

I won't mind playing a police officer.

Despite all this concrete jungle we've built up, there's still hope in this youngster studying on the bus. Way to go, boy.

Another reason not to have kids - their bladders.

The Ku-ku-ki-choo of I Am The Walrus is in Mrs Robinson as well.

I donate my spectacles - faithful as they were and are - to flotsam and jetsam.

I'm glad there was no barb/razor wire on SNH and T5's boundaries[^C-^V'd to Afterwords].

Prudence in actions has benefited me several times. Case in point (rather, memory in point), I was about to walk into Quaddro's room, kicking the door open in my usual swagger, when I paused - prudence. I heard the voices of other people along with Quad's but it seemed it was friends, still I wanted to be sure; it could be friends he may not want me to meet (or them to meet me, with good reasons :D) - prudence. In a minute or so I cottoned on that he was being too formal, too toned-down for them to be friends, and hence I retreated to Ameya's room, which was further away than Smoked Camel's room - prudence, again. I hope it continues to serve me well life-long.

It's as possible as any other thing that sometimes she would've acted like Betty Hofstadt/Draper/Francis sometimes does.

Dear Mum, losses are always bearable.
Act on your own advice - the idiom says, practice what you preach.

Another thing I want you to know is that as far as 'others' are concerned, I never ever badmouth you.

I have given up on Ulysses, and will update this draft with the words I've written in the margins of the book (in pen; sorry, Ameya).

It's more important to do than say. Inspiration - Jit on H Si. what a coincidence, another Si is present.

In terms of physics and the origins of time and space, we DO 'understand' a lot - but some not at all. Direct and deduced observations are completely distinct phenomena.

Universe:us as we:ants. Anything can happen.

Make a Do The Evolution video.

Everyday that passes adds to my immortality.

Subliminal, with a reversed Enter sign to start the S.

I swear to you this is not a drive by [mostly-asleep-state draft].

Songs remind me of people. Case (song) in point - Learning To Fly, Pink Floyd: Ajgar.

T-shirt for London trip: front: I am NOT Aziz Ansari, with the NOT struck out. Back: A shout-out to Greg Daniels.

Close call on the arch of my left foot there...bloody close, figuratively, thankfully. But thanks to ? Message memory full. Maybe ALL my drafts are platinum, that's why this m m f thing happens on seemingly double-platinum drafts. 42! 6-hourism!
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