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Saturday, June 2, 2012

M M F again - obviously, inevitably

Don't die hard, die high. Bruce Willis hit by a car.

Close up of eyes, scene: Terminator Salvation - after magnet mine blast.

Bhain ke lund madarchodon ko chalna nahi aata hai kya? Choot ke naee saale - this barber-of-the-bush gem courtesy A U.

This chutiya singer completely fucks up Dream Theater songs.

Pablo Neruda - elemental odes.

I'm pretty sure when I acknowledge old age in myself, I'll start preparing to off myself.
Or, turn into a Nash sort of humorist.

What if, a non-committal, shrug-accompanied what if, our entire universe is a pimple on a dimple Of an ant's cheek?

I feel like taking this desk, but I desist. There's too much flotsam and jetsam hanging around me anyway, even as I try becoming a lesser star. Death is the black hole. Nothing escapes from it.

For this Breguet ad, shouldn't they photograph the photographer clicking the picture, with a Breguet on his wrist? For the hardiness part of the watch. Glamour may be added by keeping the yacht in view as well, like in the ad on the back of this issue of Time.

Lotus Flower, Radiohead, is reminiscent of Losing My Religion, R.E.M., at a much, much more intense level. The videos, I mean.

Again this choot ka naee fucking up decent Dream Theater songs...does no one else hear this? Rather, don't. Listen to their instrumentals. Even Take Away My Pain.

A round of quizzing called "Doppelgänger". One of the questions: Lucifer Sam, Pink Floyd : : James Bond.

She took my heart, she took my soul, she fuckin' took my crushing bowl... :D

Heartfelt thoughts are a subset of mindfelt thoughts, and hence over-rideable by them.

Is Facebook becoming the method for letting the world as you know it know you're alive (and posting instead of kicking for exercise like the phrase tells you to, very sensibly)?

From a selfish perspective, rather to showcase it, Dosed, R H C P. and if ever there is or was a musical Che Guevara, it is Zack de la Rocha.

United Kingdom meets Haridwar: Love You To, Beatles.

Iqbal is on the ICICI fixed deposits ad.

Knower, doer, believer, lover. What matters is I am all, so. Also, Yavanna: the k,d,b,l of all things green.

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