Friday, April 19, 2013


Where'd he go? Into his life.

Anzsco 1311


Clean energy, clean money. Also recall Restore Earth: [Drive] email - NPR

Seven and a half years of captain blue bear [dream ramble]

I want a custom Mac Air with a Nike "glow" sign - emphasis on Glow. Haha. Entre 2 - How Nomenclature Affects Life, The Universe and Everything in Between.

It's time to plan for good things in the long term while acting in 6-hourism. The outcome of the Manchester United - Chelsea match can only affect me, if at all, marginally. Haha.

Disconnect at will. I am practicing it right now. The tough part is choosing which level to opt out of a scene. A new version of "turn on tune in drop out" - wake up, pursue money, go back. It's a little - or, little - like combat.

I like winters.

Take the silhouette picture, for example. Per exemple?

Now that I've reverted to this phone, I know I don't need a sophisticated communication device. Hence, I'll take an iDevice.

Context, as always, is important. In fact, of prime importance.

I feel like Hunter S Thompson.

It is not at all weird to talk to ourselves - aloud, included. As an indicator of mental stress, however, I feel that which one of us isn't under mental duress?  :D  After all, the current yardstick of success seems to be the pressures you can handle while getting 'adequately' compensated monetarily.

Malls are also voyeuristic outlets, pun intended. Message memory full.

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