Sunday, December 29, 2013

Midnight Ravings

Not ravings per se, but then again what thought isn't rave? Clearing one's throat provides a moment to structure one's upcoming thoughts, and actions. 

Technology runs on energy. Case in point:

I saw one of those YouTube videos of a person describing their shopping of clothes. Not right now, quite a while back, when living in NOIDA sec 39 in 2010-11. The wired broadband I had then was about the same speed I now hold in my hand literally. Moore's Law, manifested again?  :)

Having activated Do Not Disturb for my number, I now know it works. I don't get any solicitation calls at all. Even those pesky real estate SMSs have dwindled down over the past few months. I guess they or their softwares learn to avoid numbers like mine. It gives me a sense of self-righteousness over what is fast becoming a weep-if-you-aren't-rich society. But enough philosophical discoursing. Time to try to sleep. 

Time-Pink Floyd


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