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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Two more self compositions

Plans Fall Apart

I dream I am armed
Anagrams play with my thoughts
Words are formed 
Letters fall into their slots

The speed of my sound 
Emanates from deep underground
The place where I found
That thoughts of death abound

Rejecting negatives
Setting objectives 
Moving to consolidate 
A bright and shiny fate


To clear my mind, I take a walk
Grit my teeth hard, to myself I talk
Figure out new ways to beat this clock
All-clean lyrics are a bit of a block

Wanna get my point through 
Without resorting to 
Violent or cuss words 
Just maybe one or two

Talk of luck and fate just sets me off
What do stars have to do with cold and cough?
I make my life my way, I take off
No wonder people think I'm just too soft

But I got a fire burning deep within
Not one of us has been living without sin
Balrogs can't hold a torch to me
Death is the only way to be free

Till the day that I'm on my funeral pyre
This world is gonna feel my full-fledged ire
Surprise, surprise
Open your eyes
Open your ears
Let go of your fears
Prepare to be treated to a basic fact
You're gonna die despite all your tact

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