Friday, January 30, 2015

S C Update

Tech Timing

Waiting playing watching 
spawning duelling slashing
Buffering the net into my palm as we speak
Which way to go where is the next peak

Levelling up upgrading 
Points sitting there for the taking 
Ensure you don't get beat down by the crowd 
Check msgs and back - oh wait - there's a laugh out loud

From the a to the w to the s to the d
Slashing burning shooting claiming XP
Getting ready for the next battle 
Smashing spinning with the Move as a paddle 
To be continued...

S C 6/7
Finalè perhaps 

Don't you even think of ever cutting me down 
My thoughts go in helixes I'll turn your mind upside down 
When you're done unjumbling the web that I weave 
The show is over you may just as well leave 

Lay The Line verse 2

Maybe eminem and raftaar are feeling like rap gods
In my mind it's the one for whatsoever my head nods 
Generally it's my way
To live life
Slow climb
To the top of the world 
And I look down 
And I lay the line 

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