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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures on webpages, and general frustration

Is everyone having trouble viewing pictures on sites? First Picasa Web, then Wiki - almost simultaneously - what's going on?

C'mon, say it loud - there is NO harm in being a fan of two sports at the same time!

Love is such a fun spectator sport - Garfield. I hope my book reaches such heights that I get to chat with Jim Davis et al.

I don't have to eat enough, I have to eat EXTRA. Period.

The escalator etiquette on the Delhi Metro proves the improvement in the city's bourgeois.

Cool, okay and :p. These are the three categories of my acquaintances.

There's a reason Coke goes with burgers and such fast food. The aeration in the drink wets the food item more thoroughly than water or juice. In my opinion, of course. I like to think I can 'backward integrate' my neurons into sending what I want my organs to do, to them. Long explanation short, if I think it, my body does it.

Tariffs have plummeted, but the need to stay in touch has skyrocketed. This has been inadvertently pushed higher by natural disasters (our maid calling her son in Gujarat after the earthquake) and terrorism.

I won't mind directing the production of infomercials, either.

I think I'll nominate myself for talking to Mamoo.

The reason behind the AirTel logo fading in at the end is psychological. They are trying to bring the brand into focus from an overlapping colorful collage of signs. We should pay attention to our old people, one good use would be to encourage them to go back to their rural origins, and teach - actually teach, in schools. Subjects should not be constraints, rather, they should be opportunities.
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