Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another cellphone dump - another

On the street, you turn a corner, and that's it! Nobody here knows you, or who you are. I like that, at times like now - 1840 hours, 20th August, 2010.

It's agreed then - Shah Rukh Khan has chutzpah. :D [Thanks to Mr. Khushwant Singh for an explanation of the word in one of his pieces.]

A discourse on how people choose their lucky numbers, with special emphasis on their decision-making processes. I won't tell mine right now.

The first thing to understand about myself is to be clear that I am a biological being, evolved through time, and evolving as I type. From this, I choose to infer that I should try to evolve myself consciously, so as to better the chances of a...comfortable, maybe, existence for both me and my dependents.

It is I who spends time with me the most, hence I must understand myself the most.

To continue the last point [time=understanding] empathy is key to understanding human psyche at a larger-than-unity level. I like this 'unity' word. It's one of my few takeaways from maths tuitions from The Only.

Bare advertising spaces in the Metro coach I'm in, one of the new Bombardier-made ones. Electronics on one side not working properly. Probably newly-commissioned into operation. This is what D M R C has managed to do - earn empathy and forgiveness for small slip-ups. Even the pillars crashing didn't defer that. It is a good sign, one I've written about before. I'm proud of the Metro. Some people still need to learn civic behaviour, though. A very small proportion.

Watch The Silence of the Lambs and A Serious Man, one after the other, starting with either. I liked doing this yesterday, it helped put a lot of things...no, it didn't help solve or even help show possible solutions to my myriad problems, but it DID help along my optimism to try another day at living.

A person wearing an open-buttoned shirt is not necessarily a fighter, and even more improbably a survivor. Unlike, say, the kind of survivor who is comfortable in two layers of clothing. I must explain this kind of psychological profiling better, much better.

This world HAS to be real, to all appearances. How else could the exhilaration of body surfing rapids be experienced?

A girl walking slowly, ambling, along the side of a main road...I have walked in that way myself, sometimes, and I don't think it was ever in times of satisfaction, only dejection. I feel bad for the girl, and myself. Still, as they say, such is life.

I have the best intentions but I don't see the reason why people [perhaps including myself] see people only for what they are not.

I am an excellent infiltrator.

C W G will pass, but our bad public habits won't. The D M R C being the sole exception. Also, Dear Mum, if you're reading this, I would very much appreciate an iTouch. The latest one would be the icing on the cake, but you know I'm not picky. :)

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