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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few Good Messages

Nothing is old, nothing is new,
it's just a matter of your point of view,
enjoy life as happy days are few,
because if life is an ocean, happy moments are like dew.
------------------------------------------------------------from Dharam

I've seen castles made out of sand,
met people who believe destiny is engraved on the palms of their hands,
I've seen people change their faiths,
experienced love change into hate...
I've seen people grow younger with age,
and a bird which wouldn't fly out of an open cage...
I've seen love sold for money,
people who are devastated inside but outside they're funny...
I've learnt to expect the unexpected, perfection doesn't exist,
we're all defected in our own small ways...
some may believe you're one in a million,
for others you're just an other in a billion...
so live life with all you have,cherish all moments happy or sad,
'cause life is too short and we're here for just the moment.
-------------------------------------------------[variation of msg from Monu]

Zindagi ek raat hai jisme na jaane kitne khwaab hain; jo mil gaya wo apna hain, jo na mila wo sapna hai!
-------------------------------------------------from Dharam
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