Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another long-time [month-long] cellphone dump

[In reverse chronology]

How does the Higgs particle "alter" the LSD experience? :D 42! 6-hourism!

I wish I was a TiVo. 42! 6-hourism!

Being in tune with yourself is extremely, almost utmostly, important. 42! 6-hourism!

For I Am The [Artball c. 3rd July] - worthy of a The Office episode or subplot. Message memory full. Creativity has reached its limits. The power goes, only to come back on again - cue Piggy Chops in Nokia Lumia 800 advertisement ; "What did you think" - 42! 6-hourism! I must train my t9 to recognize "6-hourism".

23:23, 3rd July '12. I'd be very satisfied, indeed, if I were written about on

The urban desert that is Gurgaon, for the most part, that is. Heriville/The Gaon is an oasis.

Public, short trips ke liye tour bus ho to aisi - Urvashi

And what clothes shouldn't be like? Mo' money mo' problems - Notorious B.I.G.

It's a length of time during which one sees their lives, evaluates futures, and decides to act. The time for acting comes later, after an indeterminate interval.

People! There is not one of us who is not touched by this tragedy. What we must do s human beings is to cherish the memories we still have of our near and dear ones, and to cherish even more what we still have - our near and dear ones. We must do this so that when future generations look back upon history, they are proud of us, and cherish us as we cherish our departed.

World map for room.

He gripped the stone and smashed it into pieces - the First.

I would love Ban Ki Moon's job...get paid to exert yourself thinking, deciding and acting for the benefit of mankind.

Conversation starter - so, where were you when the last earthquake hit?

Bradbury...Damn you, Death!

I completely enjoy the spotlight.

It's like dates - the more you have the happier you'll be. Both, the fruit and the social interaction.

Songs: ;

No one paid any attention to my antics when I was a child - cue As A Child - so why should anyone pay any heed now, now I'm twenty-six. Inspired equally by The Beatles When I'm Sixty-Four, and As A Child.

K. Black waterbrush strokes with a prominent full stop, on my usual paper.

I'll plan a city for you, sure!

Kaisi moti saand hai ye...Haha.

My commando days [every single one, regardless of time-in-between] are part of my best days.

Is it just that I've become less productive since joining a job, or has my thinking-and-converting-to-text-msg ability become better, or more concise - an improvement in itself.

When I collapse permanently, remember my father, 'cause I don't.Remember V G, remember Satya, remember Colonel Jha.

S M B D - getting outta tough spots even when ambushed while eating on the move.

Chart coated in glass on both sides with screws on corners and rubber border - an attempt at preservation for posterity. :)

Tie up with Toyota dealerships for solar charging stations.

They kept on trying, but try was all they could do.

They expect me to start over again, once they've mucked about to their hearts' content, grains of sand lie on the paper refusing to be brushed away, grinding themselves to obscure my my. Why? They are not sentient, I declare. Yet the actions they do affect me, my. I? I don't care. My my is mine, and no one - yes, no to you too, The Only - gets to share. It? It is my.

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