Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A probable re-post of the "First clearance to laptop"; 14th September 2009.


At this instant of time, “One Love” by the boy band sounds good. :p

An example of an egoistic song – Kryptonite.

The first crash of many to come…

My thinking has changed. While deciding which T shirt to wear tomorrow, 30th June, I realized I now believe that making a quiet statement is the appropriate thing to do, as opposed to bold.

It’s good to have an outside perspective, and The Only’s is the best.

I think optimism means seeing that the grass is greener on the other side.

Won’t mind being head of CRAP.

I conclude that ‘7849’ is just the play on t9 combinations.

If (a lot of things), I could write the best novel ever, and repeat my feat, over and over.

It’s like college again…it sucks.

I know lots of you feel this way, but I reiterate – I want to do so many things… notice I did not capitalize or italicize anything. That is to not stress any particular word, and leave the interpretation up to you.  Although, when I thought of it, there was only one interpretation; that I want to do so many things.

All of us have our secrets.

Thoughts these days travel at the speed of e m waves, thanks to technology.

Dream Tivo.

0050 hours, 14th September 2009. First clearance to laptop. Why do I never improve despite meaning to?

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