Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Third Week of May

Voix celeste led me to flanging, which was mentioned as the slang for ADT, and coined by Lennon, from made-up acoustic-babble that a sound engineer said to him.

Frasier says “nota bene” and it is still the last of the tabs open in Chrome since I started perusing the scripts. Little coincidences that take us full circle, or part-way-spiral.

Towel Day is a week away! :D

Met the founder of the company today.

Saturday. Chilling. Frasier orders a tart tatin, which makes me search, and the intriguing pen name of a gastronome comes up: Curnonsky. His name was M E Sailland, which also raises my brows. He refers to his nom de plume as his “tunic of Nessus”, which was what killed Hercules. I click to make sure I remember correctly, and gain the additional information that Tresckow called it a robe. Reading further, I come upon the tunic/robe having been used as a metaphor in The Count of Monte Cristo, which I vividly remember reading in the smaller prep school library next to the dorms, at the back of the needlework and batik and one other hobby rooms – can’t recall it for the life of me. Sanawar was what fueled my book habit, and I remain ever grateful for that. It is important, I think, to understand what made me the person I am, from the activities that held my attention in childhood to the courses of action that I prefer over others in the present.

I also miss writing on paper, which is why I do the least I can and maintain a notebook at ‘work’ to record additions to my glossary. Glossa is also a biological term, something in insects – but the word that ‘glossary’ triggered was that ghost speaking thing…I remember mnemonizing it with ghost-o-lalala…glossolalia, that was it. It feels good when squiggly red lines do not show up when I write – type, I beg your pardon – an ambiguous word! A feeling of achievement, no matter how small, is never insignificant.

Perhaps absurdity played more than a passing part in Monty Python’s Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.
“For life is quite absurd
And death’s the final word”

So, badinage seems an appropriate addition to the work notebook. Chanced upon it quite by accident, albeit a somewhat satisfying one.

The Ring of the Nibelungen seems similar to Tolkien’s LotR

My eyes flared wide when I read Jane Leeves was in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Uncredited, but nonetheless, my appreciation of her has gone up another notch!

‘Elide’ has seemingly opposite alternate meanings. Another word added thanks to the offshoot reading from Gravity’s Rainbow annotations in the Pynchon Wiki. Got to it while reading more on Penelope in The Odyssey.

As good a time as any to call it a (Satur)day! Emojis have made yearn for hieroglyphics in Outlook, too.

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